Packing / Crating

We pack your goods to the highest level of export standards. Items are fully protected with specialized materials of the highest quality, then sealed and prepared for export.


We provide an exclusive opportunity for our clients to store goods in our bonded warehouse, situated in a secure location near Paris and authorized by French Customs.


We use our own vehicles which are specially equipped with all the materials of the highest standard needed to guarantee reliable collection and delivery of goods.

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Interior Design Solutions

At Castrum Global we collaborate with our clients to create a unique environment that addresses their needs through effective interior design solutions delivered with consideration and efficiency.

When working with interior designers we get onboard with your vision, assisting you to create an environment which responds to the requirements of you and your client.

We transform conceptual ideas from your creative vision to reality by coordinating and executing the practical processes of a project, working in synergy with the designer to create that perfect space.

We inspect and report on the condition of all products to ensure that they are in exceptional condition prior to installation, notifying designers if any purchased products require restoration or cleaning before they are placed in a new property.