The best way to ensure that something is not damaged is to not touch it.  However, our world does not work that way; we have to move things, our clients have objects that need to be somewhere else.

Castrum Global uses tried and trusted methods of packaging to ensure that those objects get to where they need to be without damage.  There are many methods and many different types of materials that can be used, depending on the nature of the item, where it is moving from and to, and the method of transport to get it there.

Sometimes, simple paper and carton is the most effective, however there are times when ‘simple’ will not suffice, and more sophisticated materials have to be used.  Castrum Global is well versed in the use of all types of materials and methods.

Changes in temperature and relative humidity, as well as abrasion, shock and vibration can have disastrous affects on your item.  Our packaging technicians think before they act; they think about the piece, what it is, where it is, where it needs to be, how old is it, what is it made of, where is the packaging taking place, how is it travelling as well as many other significant factors which all go into the choice of packing material and technique.  It may have taken you years to find the right piece for your project; we make sure it gets to your project.
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